New LEDs in showroom contrast to older office lights in back
Wilson Showroom – 5000K retrofit (pendants)
LED retrofit 40 watt (left) - metal halide lamp 150 watt (right)
Showroom car reflects the sparkle of new LEDs

Wilson Motors

The building’s fairly new 150 watt metal halide lamps required significant on-going maintenance which disrupted the sales floor activity, frustrating the owners. As a high-end automobile retailer, the quality of lighting to showcase the product inventory was of utmost importance. 2020 LED provided a complete lighting design and installation featuring Zenaro 40 watt retrofit kits to keep the aesthetics of the quality lighting fixtures while greatly improving energy efficiency and lighting quality.


Energy Reduction79%
Simple Payback2.1 years
Annual Savings$14,000


Customer goalsEnergy Savings, Reduced Maintenance Costs, Increased Visual Acuity
Market Typecommercial / retail / showroom
Project TypeRetrofit
Building / Project NameWilson Motors Showroom and Canopy Lighting
Project LocationAuto row, Bellingham, WA
Product TypeRetrofit kits for existing recessed and pendant fixtures
LED FixturesZenaro 8" downlight retrofit kits
Year Complete2014
% compared to conventional70% over 11 year life span
UtilityPuget Sound Energy
Rebate - % of total47%
Total Energy Conservation Incentives$26,982 (PSE rebate $17,210, Community Energy Challenge Incentive $9,772)
Other benefitsHigh color rendering index, visual acuity, energy savings, aesthetics, maintenance savings